About us


The original hobby of our technical head Manfred Wormsbächer developed into a passion in 2001 with his Yamaha XJR 1300.

Since then, new ideas and designs have been constantly tinkered with and implemented with a lot of passion.

Our “design parts” impress with their extreme fitting accuracy and high material quality.

We do not carry out mass production, but create each design part by hand. Each of the parts we manufacture is accurately measured and adapted to your vehicle type.

Before delivery, each part undergoes a final quality control so that you have fun and enjoy the parts right from the start.

Convince yourself of the quality and professional processing of our products “MADE IN GERMANY”!

So nothing stands in the way of a wonderful bike summer. You will definitely be envied here and there by other bikers for your specially designed bike.

Exclusive Bikeparts

of bikers for bikers !